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Tax free1ย  for selling your unused
backyard space through CA Senate Bill 9.

What Is My Yard Worth?

CA Senate Bill 9 is helping LA homeowners

SB 9: The California H.O.M.E. Act

This new law gives you the right – and rare opportunity – to sell a portion of your underused backyard land so that rental housing can be built. By supporting rental housing development, the transaction can earn you and your family 6-figures of tax-free income.1

How It Works


Find out how much your yard is worth

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Get $5,000 today

For signing up to participate in the SB 9 Program.

Get up to $200,000 tax-free ยน

Once the new lot is permitted by the city.

We build a rental property

As well as free fencing and landscaping for your yard.
What Is My Yard Worth?

The safer, smarter way to get cash out of your home.

Skip the bank. Say no to debt.

CA SB 9 was created to…

Uplift & Protect Communities

Homeowners are being displaced due to rising living costs. SB 9 helps homeowners stay in their homes and communities.

Provide Debt-Free Relief

Reverse mortgages, HELOCs, and refinancing will add to your debt burden. SB 9 lets you tap your equity in a new way.

Create Homes For Families

CA needs 1.8 million new rental homes by 2025 to meet demand. For being part of the solution, the money you get may be granted tax-free.

Our Gift To You

$10k Free Landscaping

Yardsworth will spend up to $10,000 to give you a beautiful backyard oasis, and refresh your front yard. Choose from a variety of custom styles, including designer patios, plants and outdoor furniture.

Our Promise To You


Your property value should stay around the same. Most homes lose less than 5% in value. 2


You get paid fast, including $5,000
immediately upon signing.


You don’t need to lift a finger. We handle
all the paperwork & permits for you.

Convert your unused yard into

College Tuition Being Debt-Free a Dream Vacation Early Retirement Paying off Debt

What Is My Yard Worth?

The only debt-free, tax-free way to get cash out of your home

What Is My Yard Worth?
1. Yardsworth does not provide tax and accounting services and makes no guarantees. Please speak with a tax and/or land assessment professional.
2. Yardsworth does not provide home appraisal services and makes no guarantees on fair market value or third party appraisal changes resulting from an SB 9 Lot Split.